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Your mission. Your values. Your future. It’s all important. But the key element to success is your people. We help you bring everything together with practical and straightforward strategies that leverage the talent in your organization to meet your business goals.

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We believe organizations want to do work that matters and create an environment where their employees can prosper. Yet it’s not always that simple or easy to implement. That’s where we come in. We can help you co-create your mission, values, strategy and culture to achieve your business goals by elevating individual and team performance. We provide management and leadership training to provide both newly promoted managers/supervisors and executives with the skills they need to set goals, deliver feedback, hold people accountable and reward results. We also work with organizations to create the most effective structure to achieve business goals for periods of growth, downsizing or reallocation of resources due to changing market or customer needs.

  • Facilitating the development and implementation of strategic and operational plans
  • Conducting organizational culture assessments and making recommendations
  • Organizational design and support for re-structures, transformation, growth or downsizing 
  • Developing and supporting change management initiatives 
  • Training services, including assessment, design, delivery and follow-up
  • Human Resources support, such as: employee relations counsel and advice; recruiting services; job description development; employee handbooks and policy / operations manuals

Teams get the work done. And we know how to make them be more successful together. It comes from having a few straightforward elements in place – things like more open and respectful communication, shared goals, and clear roles, responsibilities, and processes. We can provide you with the skills and tools to effectively build high-performing teams and onboard new members, facilitate meetings that get results, encourage constructive conflict, manage impactful projects, and leverage everyone’s strengths.

Our consultants are certified in a variety of communication, behavior and personality-style assessment tools such as DISC, StrengthsFinders and Meyers-Briggs to help teams and individuals understand their own style, recognize the styles of others and adapt to different audiences to be most effective.

  • Building Exceptional Teams
  • Mastering meeting facilitation
  • Leading and communicating change
  • Fostering resilience in times of uncertainty 
  • How to have hard conversations
  • Creating a culture of feedback
  • Influencing without authority
  • Management essentials
  • Giving strengths-based feedback
  • Delivering effective presentations
  • Improving active listening skills

Over the years we’ve learned individuals achieve success through their innate strengths and talents. We help them leverage those and develop complementary skills to address areas for improvement. Our typical clients are rising stars, newly promoted individuals, or professionals looking to make a shift in their careers. What got them to a particular level in an organization may not necessarily ensure success in their next role. Oftentimes, leaders struggle because of style, not performance. They’re eager for alternative approaches that are realistic and effective. Our coaching strategies provide individuals with the tools they need to achieve meaningful success.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Manager and individual contributor coaching
  • Executive Level Resume Reviews
  • Building your leadership brand
  • Improving your executive presence
  • Career path advisement
  • Executive-level Resume and LinkedIn profile reviews

Our coaches are trained and certified by internationally recognized coaching education programs.

Case Study

Creating change at a large healthcare system
Organization Size
Services Provided
Facilitation, Training & Communication Consulting
It’s hard to adapt to change. Now imagine having to implement a change across a large group of Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants in different specialties, locations and schedules. That’s exactly what an internal leadership team at one of the largest healthcare organizations in the Pacific Northwest faced when rolling out a new initiative that would fundamentally change the way they worked together. It was a revolutionary program. Yet the group lacked the specific skills for clear, effective communication and change management to make it happen. Enter Clarity.
Healthcare executive consults with a team of doctors
A medical administrator presents to a group of doctors
We first met with the team that developed the new program to understand the background, current state and proposed changes. After facilitating a series of mini workshops, we helped them create strong messaging points, hone their communication skills, and align on presentation best practices to effectively launch the new initiative. Then we worked together on approaches to roll-out the new program and manage through the changes effectively.
The Results
  • Mini workshops quickly aligned a team of senior leaders from different backgrounds to arrive at a clear, unified message before roll-out.
  • Leadership had access to skill-building opportunities, practice, and feedback prior to a larger organizational launch.
  • An elevator pitch and communication plan for the new program.
  • Clear messaging and a change management plan that enabled easier buy-in from key stakeholders.
After our efforts, the organization was well on their way to building their internal program and meeting their objectives. All they needed was a little outside help.

Case Study

Getting to the heart of a government problem
Local government
Organization Size
Services Provided
SWOT Analysis and Team Development
When employees leave, it’s taxing on those who remain. Which is why it’s not surprising that when a government group experienced extensive turnover, the remaining staff was stretched thin and showing signs of burn out. That’s why when the leader reached out to Clarity Consulting Group to assess his team and help create a more supportive environment, we were happy to help.
A team leader points to a document in a small meeting
A small teams works on a business problem
 We began by conducting a SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis to ascertain the current state of the team and its future potential. After designing and facilitating  team-building workshops, we enabled each member to learn more about one another, forge stronger relationships and build greater trust as a team. This laid the groundwork for a more positive, productive, and effective work environment and the team was better able to navigate the challenges they were facing. In addition, this engagement led to an ongoing client relationship in which Clarity continued to support this leader and his team with a variety of initiatives.
The Results
  • Feedback from the leader and team was very positive and they felt they understood and could trust one another better
  • The team and the larger organization as a whole felt more connected
  • Team members believed they were ready to deliver on what was being asked of them
While the team understood they had continued challenges ahead, they built a strong foundation to help them more effectively manage change, collaborate and support one another. We were glad to help them, help themselves.

Case Study

Growing a CEO from the ground up
Professional Services
Organization Size
Services Provided
Navigating rapid growth
Some CEOs work their way up the ranks slowly but surely. Others can be thrust into that role. Such was the case with the founder of a clean energy company who, when his business quickly took off, soon found himself running it with little experience as a CEO. He initially reached out to Clarity Consulting Group for Executive Coaching to create structure and strategies to hold people accountable. The more we talked it became apparent that a combination of coaching, organizational and leadership team development was needed to achieve the client’s goals.
A new CEO looks lost with his team
A team of people work on business strategy in a workshop
We know that change can come from the top, or through a more effective approach: employee feedback and engagement. As expected, we learned everyone in the company was experiencing growing pains from the quick success. The leadership team had expanded, yet it wasn’t clear who owned what. While they had a solid set of shared values, they lacked organization and processes to implement them. We quickly set to work leading sessions with the leadership team to clarify goals, roles, and processes for both their own team, and the organization as a whole. This included creating “Tiger Teams” to address management issues that the organization wasn’t large enough to have dedicated departments for such as: DEI, Onboarding, Back-to-Work, and Budgeting. We also helped them plan a full-day all-hands offsite to communicate new organizational goals, along with action plans for HOW they would get there. In parallel, Clarity supported the new CEO through ongoing executive coaching, as well as consulting with the leadership team on organizational restructuring and management best practices to adapt to their changing reality.
The Results
  • The entire organization had greater clarity on goals, roles and processes in less than six months and was better able to deliver on the company’s goals.
  • The CEO went from 12 direct reports to five, and the new structure created a more focused and aligned organization poised for additional growth.
  • Employees returned from the offsite energized better connected with their colleagues and focused on the challenges ahead.
Unlike some consulting firms who bring in teams of their own to implement standard solutions, Clarity Consulting Group’s model is different: we partner with and coach clients on using the best practices that make sense for their environment, teaching people “how to fish” on their own so they can be well on their way.
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