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Making it possible.

Our group of veterans have the real-world experience to solve your personal, team, and organizational issues.


Your mission. Your values. Your future. It’s all important. But the key element to success is your people. We help you bring everything together with practical and straightforward strategies that leverage the talent in your organization to meet your business goals.

Solutions for Every Scale

We are proud of the work we’ve done for our clients – from multi-year engagements to one-time sessions that exceed client needs and expectations. Below are a few client case studies that showcase how Clarity drove positive results.

We Provide Services For...


We believe organizations want to do work that matters and create an environment where their employees can prosper. Yet it’s not always that simple or easy to implement. That’s where we come in. We can help you co-create your mission, values, strategy and culture to achieve your business goals by elevating individual and team performance. We provide management and leadership training to provide both newly promoted managers/supervisors and executives with the skills they need to set goals, deliver feedback, hold people accountable and reward results. We also work with organizations to create the most effective structure to achieve business goals for periods of growth, downsizing or reallocation of resources due to changing market or customer needs.
A sample of our services:
  • – Facilitating the development and implementation of strategic and operational plans
  • – Conducting organizational culture assessments and making recommendations
  • – Organizational design and support for re-structures, transformation, growth or downsizing
  • – Aiding the creation of, or updates to, mission, vision and values
  • – Developing and supporting change management initiatives
  • – Training services, including assessment, design, delivery and follow-up
  • – Human Resources support, such as: employee relations counsel and advice; recruiting services; job description development; employee handbooks and policy / operations manuals


Teams get the work done. And we know how to make them be more successful together. It comes from having a few straightforward elements in place – things like more open and respectful communication, shared goals, and clear roles, responsibilities, and processes. We can provide you with the skills and tools to effectively build high-performing teams and onboard new members, facilitate meetings that get results, encourage constructive conflict, manage impactful projects, and leverage everyone’s strengths.
Our consultants are trained and certified in a variety of communication, behavior and personality-style assessment tools such as DISC, StrengthsFinders and Meyers-Briggs to help teams and individuals understand their own style, recognize the styles of others and adapt to different audiences to be most effective.
A sample of our services:
  • – Helping clients lead and communicate change, build exceptional teams and create a culture of feedback
  • – Facilitation of team retreats, offsites and key meetings 
  • – Training and skill building in:
    • – Management essentials
    • – How to have hard conversations
    • – Mastering meeting facilitation
    • – Influencing without authority
    • – Active listening
    • – Delivering effective presentations
    • – Fostering resilience during times of uncertainty


Over the years we’ve learned individuals achieve success through their innate strengths and talents. We help them leverage those and develop complementary skills to address areas for improvement. Our typical clients are rising stars, newly promoted individuals, or professionals looking to make a shift in their careers. What got them to a particular level in an organization may not necessarily ensure success in their next role. Oftentimes, leaders struggle because of style, not performance. They’re eager for alternative approaches that are realistic and effective. Our coaching strategies provide individuals with the tools they need to achieve meaningful success.
A sample of our services:
  • – Executive Coaching
  • – Manager and individual contributor coaching
  • – Executive Level Resume Reviews
  • – Building your leadership brand
  • – Improving your executive presence
  • – Career path advisement
  • – Executive-level Resume and LinkedIn profile reviews
Our coaches are trained and certified by internationally recognized coaching education programs.